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About MegaMillions Sofort: Pick your numbers and start your personal draw in MegaMillions Sofort.
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Mega Millions Sofort Help

How does the game work?

You may purchase between one and ten betting rows per round of the game. The game Mega Millions Sofort consists of two playing areas. On one side of the screen you will find a drawing device which initially contains balls each of which shows a number between 1 and 70 and subsequently balls each of which shows a number between 1 and 25. On the other side of the screen you will find your betting rows each of which contains five numbers between 1 and 70 as well as a Megaball between 1 and 25. The combination of numbers of the purchased betting rows corresponds to the combination you chose immediately before in the course of your participation in the game Mega Millions. In a case where you have not played a regular Mega Millions lottery ticket immediately before numbers are proposed to you by principle of chance. In both cases you may modify the selection of numbers prior to purchasing Mega Millions Sofort betting rows. In the course of the game, which is initiated by clicking the "Pay now & start draw" button, initially five numbers out of 70 and subsequently the Megaball out of the given 25 are displayed one after another on the drawing device. Where a drawn number or Megaball matches a number or Megaball in one or more of the betting rows, this number or Megaball in the betting row is marked light blue respectively yellow. The objective of the game is to match as many drawn numbers and Megaballs with the numbers or Megaballs of the betting rows purchased as possible. Your prize is highlighted per betting row in yellow next to the right playing area.

How much can I win in Mega Millions Sofort?

In case of a win the prize money per betting row is at least €0.75 when one number is marked light blue and not exceeding €750,000 when five numbers are marked light blue (no Megaball). The maximum prize of €750,000 may only be won once per round of the game. Where a drawn Megaball matches a Megaball in one of the purchased betting rows you will additionally win €1.25, whereby these additional wins within a betting row are only taken into account if you did not already win the maximum prize of €750,000 within this betting row. The maximum prize per round of the game is €756,761.25 in total.

How can I modify the selected numbers?

Next to each betting row there is a depiction of a dice. By clicking on this dice, the combination of numbers of the corresponding betting row is modified by principle of chance. By clicking on the pen symbol, you can adjust your number manually. Whenever you add a new betting row you have to choose between random and manual input of your numbers.

How can I select which betting rows are to participate in the drawing?

In front of every betting row there is a box you may tick by clicking on it. Every checked row will participate in the drawing after the purchase.

Which chance is 25x higher?

The chance for a win of the maximum prize of €750,000 is 25 times higher in Mega Millions Sofort than the chance for a win of a category 1 prize in the regular Mega Millions.

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