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About Magic Potion: Burst as many of the correct bubbles as possible and collect the shiny crystal bubbles for the chance to win up to €750,015. Good luck!
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How does the game work?

In the game Magic Potion, a caldron in the middle of the screen has bubbles rising out of it. A counter at the top of the screen shows you how many Crystal Bubbles you have collected and how much money you have won in instant cash prizes.

After clicking on “Pay & Play”, the bubbles begin to rise from the caldron. A streak occurs by bursting three bubbles in a row with the same colour. The more streaks you have, the more Crystal Bubbles you get. You can, however, also collect Crystal Bubbles along the way.

Each bubble in the game has a different purpose. These are the bubbles to look out for:

  • Challenge Bubble: You will be faced with a new challenge every time you see one of these bubbles. Burst them fast to get instant cash – and not lose any bubbles.
  • Trap Bubble: These bubbles attach to normal bubbles. Click it a few times for an instant cash win.
  • Colour Spell Bubble: Bursting this bubble makes all bubbles with the same colour on the screen burst.
  • Crystal Bubble: This bubble is collected automatically. However, you can get even more Crystal Bubbles by bursting them or by bursting multiple bubbles in a row with the same colour. The more bubbles you collect, the more chances to win cash you have at the end of the game.
  • Special Bubble: Each of these bubbles are here to help. Burst them to find out how these bubbles help you collect more Crystal Bubbles.
  • Virus Bubble: Making this bubble burst gets you an instant cash prize.
  • Vortex Bubble: Avoid bursting this bubble at all costs, otherwise you will lose a lot of bubbles.
  • Magic Bubble: Bursting this bubble turns all normal bubbles into the same colour for a short while.
  • Slow Motion Bubble: Making this bubble burst will slow down all bubbles for a moment – so be quick.
  • Time Ticking Bubble: Prevent this bubble from exploding by bursting bubbles with a special colour to win an instant cash prize.

The objective of the game is to burst as many of the correct bubbles as possible in order to get as many Crystal Bubbles and instant cash prizes as you can.

At the end of the game you can uncover the same number of fields as Crystal Bubbles you have collected. If you uncover three fields displaying matching sums, you will win the amount shown in that field.

By clicking on the red fast-forward button, you can activate automatic mode. This results in the game being played automatically in high-speed mode. Don’t worry, pushing the fast-forward button does not affect your chances of winning.

Can I choose how much I want to play?

It’s up to you how much you want to wager on Magic Potion. You can play between 0.50 € and 15 € per game, and the prize money depends on the amount you play: the more you play, the more you can win.

How much can I win?

In case of a win, the prize money per game is at least €0.10 and not exceeding €750,015.

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