Treasure Volcano

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Gameplay:Find 5 or more identical jewels next to each other to win. Destroy 6 clusters of jewels at once to unlock the bonus game.
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How does the game work?

At Treasure Volcano, you first choose your stake to set the maximum win amount. You must then find five or more gems of the same color that are right next to or on top of each other in order to destroy them. If you destroy six of these groups of jewels at once, you get to play the bonus game.

In the event of a win, the number of jewels in a group, the color of the jewels and the selected stake determine the winning amount. Please see the paytable for details.

If three "Free Game" symbols are directly next to or on top of each other, you will receive 1-5 free spins. In the bonus game, choose one of three winning fields and receive the winning amount displayed behind it.

Can I choose my stake?

The maximum winning amount depends on the amount of your bet. With a bet of 1 €, the winnings amount to a maximum of 30,000 € in case of one win per game.

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